Program Providers: Getting Started on Peachjar

  • For flyer distribution in 27J schools, we now use an electronic flyer distribution program called Peachjar. By using Peachjar, we eliminate the time school staff would be pulled away from other critical tasks to distribute paper flyers. Plus, we're more environmentally-friendly!

    If you or your organization are new to Peachjar, follow the steps below to start sending your flyer(s) to 27J schools.

    Set Up Your Peachjar Account

    1. Register for Peachjar as a Program Provider. Any organization not directly associated with School District 27J is considered a Program Provider.
    2. Once you have registered:
      • If the program/service you are advertising does have a cost associated with it, you will need to purchase credits in order to send flyers to our schools. This can be done from your account's Peachjar dashboard under "My Credits".
      • If the program/service you are advertising does not have a cost associated with it, contact 27J's Peachjar representative Alex at 858-997-2117 ext. 133 and have her verify your account for no-credit distributions.

    Send Your Flyer

    1. From your Peachjar account dashboard, click "Send a Flyer"
    2. Upload a PDF file of your flyer (8.5" x 11" preferred). 
    3. Check that the text in the ADA description box matches the text in your flyer. Make any necessary corrections to the description.
    4. Fill in your "Flyer Details" including Title, Event Location and Start Date (as applicable), and Description.
    5. Choose the most appropriate category and subcategory for your flyer.
    6. Choose the duration and start date for your flyer's distribution. Note: For each school you would like your flyer sent to, Peachjar requires 5 credits for the first month and 3 credits for each additional month.
    7. You can also add "Learn More" or "Call-To-Action" buttons/links to your flyer.
    8. Choose the 27J schools you would like your flyer delivered to.
    9. Review the details of your flyer and submit!


    Your flyer will be sent to District staff for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be sent to parents at the school(s) of your choice and posted to the website(s) of your chosen school(s).

    Distribution of some approved flyers may be postponed up to 1 week in order to coincide with schools' flyer distribution schedules. 27J staff will use discretion when the same or similar flyers are submitted multiple times in a short period. A general rule of thumb is the same or similar flyers will not be approved for distribution to the same audience multiple times within a thirty (30) day period. 27J staff reserves the right to defer repeat flyer distributions within longer time periods.

    If you have questions regarding our distribution policies or you require any additional assistance, please contact or with any questions.