• Handwriting

    Throughout Superkids, students will use special handwriting paper with ice cream lines.  Students will learn to form their letters using the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate lines as references.  

    Below is a copy of the ice cream lined paper that can be printed and used at home.  

    Ice Cream Paper


    Below, you will find links to handwriting videos that will allow students to practice forming their letters at home.  They will have experience using these videos at school, so they will know what to do!  If you have a color printer at home, you can print the ice cream paper above and use pencil.  If you would like, I can send home a reusable ice cream board that can be written on with a dry erase marker.  Please email me if you would like a reusable board - mbinski@sd27j.net.  

    Handwriting Videos

    Cc    Forming Cc

    Oo   Forming Oo

    Gg   Forming Gg

    Aa   Forming Aa

    Dd   Forming Dd

    Ss    Forming Ss

    Ll     (none)

    Ii      Forming Ii

    Tt     Forming Tt

    Ff     Forming Ff

    Ee    Forming Ee

    Hh    Forming Hh

    Uu    Forming Uu

    Bb    Forming Bb

    Rr    Forming Rr

    Nn   (none)

    Mm    Forming Mm

    Pp     Forming Pp

    Vv     Forming Vv

    Ww    Forming Ww

    Kk     Forming Kk

    Qq    Forming Qq

    Jj      Forming Jj

    Xx    Forming Xx

    Yy    Forming Yy

    Zz    Forming Zz