New School Hours

  • Reminder that our school hours have changed this year.  School hours this year will be 7:50 am - 3:30 p.m.  AM Kindergarten will be from 7:50 - 10:50.  We are beginning with the new 4-Day school week, and will students will be attending Tuesday - Friday!!!


    Breakfast is available starting at 7:15.  Please do not drop students off before this time.  If students are not eating breakfast, they CAN NOT be here sooner than 7:30.  We don't have supervision for students on the playgrounds before that time.  So PLEASE do not drop off before 7:30 unless your child is eating breakfast!!!!


    The first bell will ring at 7:45 and students will line up with their classes.  We intend on having all students in their classrooms by 7:50.The second bell will ring at 7:50.  Any student arriving after 7:50 will be considered tardy, and will need to check in with the office to receive a pass to class.


    Due to over 600 families attending our school, we recommend walking to school or parking near the park and waking over to help with the parking lot issues.