How to Purchase a Yearbook

  • Questions regarding purchasing yearbooks during the Covid-19 closure: 
    Can I still buy a yearbook?
    Yes. Students can only buy yearbooks through the Herff Jones website. I am attaching the flyer here with directions on how to do that. Jen will be putting this on the school website. I asked Herff Jones to reopen the site until May 15. 
    When will yearbooks come out or how will I get my yearbook?
    I wish I knew. :-) The Herff Jones Printing Plant shut down for 30 days starting on March 28 so no printing is happening at the moment. My yearbook crew is still finishing the yearbook as well. We are hoping that yearbooks can still come out at the end of May, but we don't know what social distancing guidelines will be in place with the state. Therefore, it may be this summer. We just don't know, Just let students know there will be a yearbook and we will get it to them at some point when we have more information.  
    I am a staff member and bought a yearbook but still need to pay. What do I do?
    You will pay for your yearbook when you pick it up. Most people don't pay me until distribution day, so that won't change.
    Yearbook for sale


    There are 2 ways to purchase a yearbook. You can pay with cash or check to our Finance Secretary in the Main Office OR you can pay with a credit card online through our Herff Jones website. Attached is the order form on how to do either option.

    Yearbook Order Form 2020