• Parents, we have created a College wall down main street displaying College Pennants. If you have a Pennant you are an alumni from or just love, that we don't already have, and you would like to donate we would love to add it to our wall!

    -Please email or call us before your child brings it in as to make sure we don't have upset students because we can only display one of each College.

    -Please make sure they are standard size 12" x 30" pennants.

    -Please see example pictures attached or call for clarity of size. This will assure that all schools are represented equally and we have enough room as we grow our College wall.

    -We will update this attached list as we get donated Colleges.

    -We will present the added Pennants at our Yeti Assemblies each month.

    See attached picture of a list of Colleges WE ALREADY HAVE. Please call with any questions. Thank you!

    Colleges we have College Wall    Flag Size Example