Becoming a Teacher in Colorado

  • Teaching is a rewarding career. Colorado offers many options for high school graduates or people looking for a mid-career change. Join a traditional teaching program here in Colorado.

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    Colorado Department of Education

    Teachers/Certified Positions: For all teaching/certified positions, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) conducts a fingerprint background check. CDE issues teaching licenses based on this background check. CDE communicates arrests to each district throughout employment. 27J does conduct a criminal background check at the time of hire. CDE requires fingerprints completed by a certified law enforcement agency. Below is link to CBI explaining the finger-printing process.

     CBI Background Check Information

    The Alternative Path to License

    Alternative licensure targets post graduates holding at least bachelor's degree. Alternative licensure programs are growing across Colorado and serve as a path for career changes drawn to teaching.
    Colorado Department of Education - Program Requirements (from CDE website)

      1. Background Check - Submit fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation
      2. Meet professional competence in a state-approved endorsement area for alternative licensure:
      3. For elementary candidates: Successfully pass the state-approved elementary content exam
      4. For special education candidates: Successfully pass the state-approved elementary content exam
      5. For early childhood candidates: Successfully pass the state-approved elementary content exam OR the state-approved early childhood content exam
      6. For K-12 endorsements and secondary endorsements: Hold a degree in the endorsement area from a regionally-accredited institution; OR Have 24 semester hours in the endorsement area, as outlined within the content evaluation worksheets; OR Earn a passing score on a state-approved assessment for the endorsement area.
      7. Obtain employment that matches the endorsement area in #2 above
      8. Select or be selected by a state-approved designated agency for alternative preparation.

    CDE Alternative License Webpage

    Colorado Alt License Programs