2040 Empowering all students today to take control of their futures tomorrow.

Digital Learning


  • The Digital Learning team of 27J works to improve student learning through instruction which intentionally and innovatively uses technology, leading to greater equity and achievement for all students by:

    • increasing rigorous digital learning opportunities, using grade-level resources and quality tools
    • supporting life-long learning within the Thinking Classroom by engaging, challenging and nurturing students
    • enhancing authentic, differentiated and personalized learning environments and experiences with technology
    • developing and demonstrating critical thinking skills in all students for creating, testing, adjusting and reflecting in a cycle of continuous growth and improvement in the classroom and beyond
    • transforming learning that supports collaboration, productivity, and creativity

    Every child, every day in every environment toward the goal of 2040.


    • Students: Our mission is to support students in becoming competent and confident using diverse 21st century skills in a wide range of settings with consistent access to technology, and to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to live productively in a continuously-changing, global society.
    • Teachers: Our mission is to provide coaching and training that helps develop and nurture technology skills, positive attitudes toward technology, and integrating best practices of digital learning. Teachers will become facilitators of learning, giving students increased voice and choice in their learning experiences.
    • Administrators: Our mission is to support a shared vision of working, teaching, learning, and professional training while respecting the model of managed autonomy and the goals of each school leader in regards to digital learning.
    • Parents: Our mission is to collaborate with parents and community, supporting access to resources that increase technological literacy and fluency. We believe that parents must play an active role in online learning experiences and be given the necessary tools to access their child’s data, supporting informed decisions about their child’s education.