In partnership with our families and the community, 27J Schools EMPOWERS EVERY student today to take control of their future

Curriculum and Instruction

  • “The mission of 27J Schools, in partnership with our families and the community, is to empower every student today to take control of their future tomorrow.

  • As an important area within Student Achievement, curriculum and instruction supports the 27J Schools mission to drive across our school system.  The Thinking Classroom and GELL are why, what, and how we achieve 2040!

    The Thinking Classroom's primary responsibility is to empower our students as thinkers, learners, and problem solvers.  As easy as this may sound, education has not been traditionally engineered to promote this responsibility in our students.

    To accomplish the Thinking Classroom, we need thinking professionals who are very intentionally minded in their practice.  27J Schools has developed an acronym to help these professionals in their planning and preparedness.  The acronym is GELL and stands for Goals, Evidence, Learning Experiences, and Learning Environment. 

    For more information on The Thinking Classroom and GELL.


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GEL2 Revision Cycle

  • We have exciting news to share with all of you!  Attached you will find the  GEL2   revision/review process.  This document celebrates the work of curricular framework facilitators, teacher collaborators, and the vision and ongoing support of  GEL2.  The document outlines the criteria for major and minor revisions/reviews for all curricular frameworks moving forward.  Please take a few minutes to read it over and note the dates that we project each of the curricular frameworks will come up for review.  This documents is a testament to the ongoing commitment of  GEL2   as our school district's means to actuate the Thinking Classroom.  Hopefully this will provide answers to questions that have been lingering for quite sometime with regard to how/when/where revision/reviews would occur.The following link provides information on all things GEL2 relating to the revision process and guidelines. We welcome any feedback that you may have.  Please contact a representative from Student Achievement for comments and questions. 

    GEL² Revision Cycle Information