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  • In 27J Schools, we have named the ideal classroom for learning as the Thinking ClassroomGELL is the actualization of the Thinking Classroom.  The Data Cycle is the process that makes GELL come to life in the classroom. There are multiple Data Cycles within each school year; with some Data Cycles occurring prior to external (state/certificate) assessments.  The last Data Cycle is a final measure of student learning administered towards the end of the course. Each Data Cycle begins with the Instructional Plan (Goal) which is developed through the use of the 27J Tools (Curricular Frameworks, Learning Blueprints, and Resources).  The cycle ends with Common Assessments (Evidence).  Then, through the Data Dialogue process (Learning), Common Assessment results are analyzed and used to inform future instruction.  During the instructional cycles, teachers gather additional evidence of student learning through formative assessment which is analyzed through the PLC process.  Minimally, there are two PLC cycles within each Data Cycle. This process engages students and teachers in Continuous Improvement throughout the school year.

  • 27J Schools Data Cycles Within the Thinking Classroom - Printable PDF

Data Cycles

Cycles of Continuous Improvement