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27J Schools Assessments

  • School District 27J utilizes a variety of assessments to monitor student learning and progress.  Assessments exist at the classroom level, district level, and state level.  Assessment results are used formatively, as benchmarks, and summatively.  The formative results provide information to teachers that is utilized to make decisions about daily instruction.  Typically formative assessments are also known as quizzes or checks for understanding.  Interim assessments provide benchmark data to teachers that show progress and growth of student learning.  The 27J Common Assessments are Interim assessments to measure student progress towards grade level goal.  Summative assessments provide a summary of student learning.  Examples of summative assessments include unit tests or state assessments.  The graphic below illustrates the balance of assessments across the levels.


     Balanced Assessment System

    Other assessments that support ensuring students are supported through instruction include screener (Fastbridge aReading and aMath), diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments.  All of these assessments create the Comprehensive Assessment System.