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  • The Northwest Evaluation Association partners with educators to offer student assessment, scientifically-based research, and professional development.

    NWEA, a non-profit organization, engages in ongoing, supportive relationships with partnering school districts and education agencies throughout the United States.

    With more than 3000 partner districts, NWEA fosters a community of educators that is dedicated to improving teaching and learning. NWEA provides products and services to measure and promote academic student growth and school improvement. These include accurate assessments, timely reporting, practical classroom resources, and ongoing professional development.

    School improvement is our shared responsibility. Whether advocating for policy reform in Washington, D.C., or publishing groundbreaking research, NWEA is engaging the nation in the conversation about improving student success. With our Growth Research Database, the largest nation-wide repository of student test results, NWEA is positioned to help practitioners and researchers find proven answers to some of our most challenging issues.

    NWEA believes:
    Continuous growth provides opportunity and challenge.
    Collaborative efforts contribute to mutual strength and vitality.
    Investment in developing local expertise and resources enhances student growth.
    Continuing relationships are vital to effectiveness.
    Credibility is built through quality products and responsive service.
    Thoughtful questioning and reflection are critical to creating the future.
    Contributing to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge expands capacity to improve education.


NWEA Fast Facts

  • Mission

    Partnering to help all kids learn

    Year incorporated as a non-profit organization


    Number of employees

    More than 200

    Number of educational partners

    More than 3000

    Number of students taking NWEA assessments

    More than 3 million

    Number of NWEA assessments given

    More than 24 million

    Executive Officers

    Matt Chapman, President & Chief Executive Officer

    Gage Kingsbury, Chief Research & Development Officer

    Raymond Yeagley, Vice President of Product and Business Development

    Jeff Strickler, Vice President of Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer

    Ginger Hopkins, Vice President of Partner Relations

    Suketu Pandya, Chief Technical Officer

    Karl Boekelheide, Chief Quality Assurance Officer

What is MAP?

  • Dedicated to this belief, NWEA developed Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), a state- aligned computerized adaptive assessment program that provides educators with the information they need to improve teaching and learning. Educators use the growth and achievement data from MAP to develop targeted instructional strategies and to plan school improvement. With the ability to test students up to four times a year, MAP test results help educators make student-focused, data-driven decisions.

    More than 3000 school districts and educational partners use MAP Mathematics, Reading, and Language Usage tests to help all students learn. These assessments are unique in that they adapt to each student's ability, accurately measuring what a child knows and needs to learn. In addition, MAP tests measure academic growth over time, independent of grade level or age. Most importantly, the results educators receive have practical application to teaching and learning. MAP test results provide educators with timely information that guides instructional planning and school improvement.

    To find your child’s MAP score; log into Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

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