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Middle School Families

  • Support your child by partnering with them on their ICAP


    middle school students listen to their teacher

    The ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) is designed to assist you and your student in:

    • Exploring Career and Educational Opportunities available after high school
    • Aligning coursework and curriculum with Postsecondary goals
    • Applying to Postsecondary Institutions
    • Securing Financial Aid, and
    • Ultimately, Enter the Workforce

    Throughout middle and high school, the ICAP is an effective way for students and parents to explore and evaluate all aspects of a path to college and career.  Students engage in goal setting, career exploration, academic planning, college opportunities, financial literacy/financial aid, and the skills they will need for their future.  Joining your student throughout their secondary school experiences (maybe as early as 6th grade) by helping them create and maintain their ICAP is an effective way for them to be successful in preparing for college and career.

Middle School ICAP Quality Indicators include:

  • Self-Awareness

    An understanding of how one’s unique interests, talents, and aspirations play a role in decision-making and interpersonal relationships. Individual thoughts and feelings that get students excited about life and learning, and the ability to articulate passions and dreams, including recognizing challenges and potential barriers to attaining goals, and how healthy lifestyles contribute to personal and professional success.

    Career Awareness

    Knowledge of the difference between jobs, occupations, and careers. Awareness of a wide range of local regional, national, and global career pathways and opportunities while giving consideration to economic, cultural influences, and the impact of stereotypes on career choice.

    Postsecondary Aspirations

    Career exploration centered on students’ passions, interests, dreams, visions of their future self, and perceived options.

    Postsecondary Options

    The awareness of a variety of post-secondary and career opportunities and advancements available using tools such as career clusters, personality assessments and learning style inventories to highlight individual strengths and capabilities.

    Environmental Expectations

    An ecological system in which school, family, community, culture, and world view influence the students’ career development and post-secondary plans.

    Academic Planning

    The skills and knowledge necessary to map out and pass the academic courses required to achieve postsecondary goals.

    Employability Skills

    To define, develop, and hone skills that increase the likelihood of becoming and remaining successfully employed and civically responsible citizens.

    Having an awareness of the cost of postsecondary options and be able to apply this awareness to their personal postsecondary career and academic planning process.



    For more information on your students ICAP, please contact the school counselor.