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  • During the 2018-2019 school year, our team of Instructional Specialists, teachers, parents, and others vetted every online resource platform for the 4 core subject areas. After this intensive process, they adopted the products linked below. These platforms were chosen based on:

    1. grade level rigor

    2. alignment to CCSS and CO state standards

    3. online components

    These resources will work in conjunction with our Curricular Frameworks, Learning Blueprints, and Common Assessments to provide a framework for learning in 27J and to prepare our students for 2040.  


    Our 27J district adopted platforms are:

    ELA K-5: Ready Gen

    Math K-5: Bridges

    ELA 6-12: Pearson MyPerspectives

    Math 6-12: Pearson Envision

    Science: 6-12: Discovery Education

    Social Studies 6-12: DBQ Project Online