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Apply to Achieve Institute

Achieve Institute: Information Nights

  • Elementary Families: Virtual and In-Person Information Nights

    • Thursday 1/26/2023 from 5:30-6:30 PM via Zoom - Recording of the meeting can be accessed HERE
    • Wednesday 2/1/2023 from 5:30-6:30 in person at Pennock Elementary School (RSVP for a Reminder email)

    Middle School Families: Virtual and In-Person Information Nights  

    • Thursday 1/12/2023 from 6:00-7:00 PM via Zoom. Recording of the Meeting can be accessed HERE
    • Thursday 2/2/2023 from 5:30-7:00 PM in person at Vikan Middle School (RSVP for a Reminder email)
      • Achieve presentation followed by Vikan's Check it Out Night.

"School within a school"

  • A “school within a school” opportunity for 27J students to receive targeted gifted and talented instruction in academics and social emotional learning.


    Kindergarten - 5th grade has self-contained GT classrooms

    Location: Pennock Elementary, 3707 Estrella St., Brighton, CO 80601

    6th-8th Grade GT Programming

    Location: Vikan Middle School, 879 Jessup St.•Brighton, CO 80601


    A "school within a school" model:

    A “school within a school” allows for two types of programming (general education and gifted education) to operate on one campus. This option allows for the students at Achieve Institute to have a learning community focused on gifted learners, but a large school community to have all education opportunities. Full campus opportunities will include special area classes, lunch and recess with grade level peers, school wide fundraising and family events and more.


    Brief Informational Video

    Click HERE to view a brief informational video with an overview of the Achieve Institute at Vikan Middle School for the 2023-24 school year


    What are the different program components of Achieve Institute?

    PASSION Projects:

    Gifted learners have a passion to learn but many times it is about topics that are not being covered in class. At Achieve Institute time will be set aside to allow students to explore their own passion. The students will create their own inquiry based questions and explore the learning to find the answer.

    SOCIAL – EMOTIONAL development:

    The social emotional needs of the gifted learners are a critical part of their development. Topics will be addressed through literacy, discussions, and learning opportunities.

    Addressing the emotional components is key to helping our gifted learners truly understand themselves.

    Accelerated learning:

    The Achieve classrooms contain students that require less repitions to learn new material, therefore allowing for the teachers to move through the material at a quicker pace than a traditional classroom.