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Early Access

  •  House Bill 08-1021 created the opportunity for Colorado administrative units (AUs) to accelerate highly advanced gifted children under age 4 for kindergarten and/or under age 5 for first grade pursuant to CRS 22-20-204(2).  The Exceptional Children’s Educational Act (ECEA) is Colorado’s primary law with requirements for the implementation of specific elements and procedures for gifted education programs.  ECEA Rules provide AUs guidance for the implementation of early access as well as clarify provisions for AUs to receive state education funds for early access children. 

What is the criteria?

  • Identification of a potential gifted student through early access will be based on best practices for identifying gifted learners with guidance from the Colorado Department of Education and will include a body of evidence in addition to the application itself.  Criteria will identify highly advanced gifted children who are age four by the start of school for kindergarten or age five by the start of school for first grade.  A child who may benefit from Early Access is academically gifted, socially and emotionally mature, in the top 2% of the gifted peer group per normed tests, motivated to learn, and ready to begin school.

    All applicants must have a filled out an interest form, submit a minimum of a 4 sample portfolio and score above the 97th percentile in 5 normed referenced assessments (social emotional, cognitive, reading, writing AND math).