In partnership with our families and the community, 27J Schools EMPOWERS EVERY student today to take control of their future

Attendance and Truancy

  • At 27J Schools, we believe that every student should have an opportunity to succeed!  "In 27J schools, we have named the ideal classroom for learning as the Thinking Classroom.  We envision a classroom where students are actively thinking, inquiring, problem solving, engaging, self-regulating, and owning their learning."  Our team strives to help the students in 27J get a great start by overcoming obstacles that might be preventing a student from being in class.



Did you know...

  • You can turn to the school for help!  School staff as well as Intervention Services Liaisons can help connect families with resources when families are facing tough challenges related to unstable housing, poor transportation or lack of food or warm winter clothing.  Contact your school or view our Resource page on our department website for more information.