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Concurrent Enrollment

  • Concurrent Enrollment allows high school students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to take college level courses, either by taking a class offered at the high school or attending on a college campus. 


    Students are provided with the exposure and experience of the academic rigor of college while they are in high school.


    Many concurrent enrollment credits are transferable to a two- or four-year degree program.  Students save time and money while getting a head start on college*.

    *PVHS is designated as Front Range Community College Satellite Campus. A Satellite can offer up to 45 credits (72%) towards an A.A. Degree and can offer 100% of any Certificate program. 


    School counselors can provide information on the enrollment process.  In order to participate, students must apply and be accepted by the college for admission. 

     earn free college credit while in high school concurrent enrollment

    Concurrent Enrollment cost

    Students accepted into the 27J Schools Concurrent Enrollment program are required to pay for all books and course fees associated with the course. Costs of books and fees will vary by course.


    Students who are not accepted into the 27J Concurrent Enrollment program are required to pay all costs including tuition but may submit their college transcript for high school credit. Concurrent Enrollment does not currently pay for online, summer school or remedial course work.



    Students are accepted into the 27J Schools ASCENT program on a first come, first served basis by notifying their counselor of interest and demonstrating that they will meet the qualifying requirements. Students must submit college applications, seek assistance from the college admissions office, and complete the FAFSA in order to participate.  It is recommended that students seek a college admissions packet including a financial packet before making a decision on ASCENT.  Funds are limited and acceptance decisions will not be issued until June 1 of each year.


    If the student chooses to accept the 5th year high school ASCENT program, then the student is required to pay for all books, transportation, room, board, and course fees associated with postsecondary participation. Costs will vary. ASCENT Courses are chosen through college advisement. Students are only allowed to take coursework pertaining to their degree. Students will begin ASCENT during the Fall and must complete all ASCENT coursework in 1 year during the Fall and Spring Semesters (No Summer Courses). Online courses are permitted with permission from the College.


    Please note that ASCENT students may not accept any public scholarships or grants except for Colorado COF funding. Students may accept private scholarships as long as those scholarships do not pay tuition.


    27J Schools only accepts full time student participation in ASCENT at this time.


    Our College Partner

    Front Range Community College



    Our College Partners for Dual Credit

    University of Northern Colorado

    University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

    Metropolitan State University