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  • 7 To Success!

    7 credits per semester. Graduating from 27J Schools requires 46 credits, but students who stay in high school 4 years have the opportunity to earn 56 Credits o more! Alll Students should consider taking 7 credits each semester. 


    College Ready Focus

    Students considering going to college should make sure they take:  

    • 8 Credits of English Language Arts,
    • 8 credits in Math including successful completion of 2 Credits Algebra II (Integrated Math 3)  
    • 6 credits in social studies, including U.S. History;
    • 6 credits in science, including biology and either chemistry or physics; and
    • 4 credits in the same foreign language.

    32 Semester Credits


    Career Ready Focus

    Career Ready students choose to focus in one career fields. Career Ready students take six credits in one career. One of 27J’s career fields Students can study:

    1. Automotive Technology (BHS)
    2. Agriculture (BHS)
    3. Biomedical Science, (PVHS, RRHS)
    4. Business, (PVHS, RRHS, BHS)
    5. Computer Coding (BHS, RRHS, PVHS)
    6. Construction Trades (BHS, PVHS)
    7. Digital Art and Graphic Design (BHS, PVHS, RRHS) 
    8. Engineering, (BHS, PVHS, RRHS)
    9. Health Careers (BHS, PVHS, RRHS)
    10. Skilled Trades, (RRHS)
    11. Welding, (PVHS)

    CTE Career Program without Demonstration

    1. Catering and Hospitality (BHS, PVHS)
    2. Marketing (BHS)
    3. Computer Applications (PVHS, BHS) (Demonstration Coming Soon) 

    Career Ready Students should consider earning one, or more, of 27J Schools 11 Industry Certifications, or taking a challenging AP Course, or even complete a stackable certificate from Front Range Community College while in high school.

    College and Career Ready

    These students take 6 credits in one career area, 8 credits of English Language Arts, 6 credits in social studies, 8 credits in Math including Algebra II (Integrated Math 3), 6 credits in science including Biology and, Chemistry or Physics, and 4 credits in the same foreign language. Students who want to take 38 focused credits need a plan for graduation. Beginning in 8th grade students can begin their plan in the infinite campus academic planner.