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Classified Employees Optional Professional Learning Opportunities

  • Classified District employees who have been employed for six months or more are eligible to apply for and receive monetary reimbursement for professional development of their choice.  Once the professional development has been applied for and approved, the compensation could be in the form of tuition, approved course fees, and/or book reimbursements.  Each classified employee is eligible of a maximum of $750 per year and with a District maximum of $15,000.  The office of Professional Development will collect, review and approve all requests.  Please feel free to contact Jamie Bel at x7640 or Melissa Fike at x2804 if you would like feedback on your request or with support completing your form. 

    A copy of the “Classified Agreement Between the Colorado Classified School Employees Association and the Brighton School District 27J Board of Education in addition to the “Optional Professional Growth Request Form” can be located in the link below.