Welcome to PVHS Theatre!

  • We are an acredited International Thespian Troupe that produces at least one play and one musical each year. We also compete at the Colorado State Thespian Conference each December as well as the International Thespian Conference in June. In addition to our main stage productions, we also produce showcase performances, One Act Festivals, Improv Festivals, and social action plays.

    We strive to provide a program that is inclusive to all by producing an array of shows that depict a variety of stories. It is our goal to create a welcoming enviorment that strives toward a common goal of creating a stubstantial and challenging performing arts program in order to prepare students who desire to have a career in the field.

    To be part of our productions, your student does NOT have to be enrolled in a class. Our program runs strictly after school hours. However, by taking the classes, your student will gain skills needed to be sucessful in the after school program.


    Thespain Induction Benefits

    • Nationally recognized honor society
    • Ability to audition for colleges and scholarships at the state Thespian level and national Thespian level
    • Year long subscription to Dramatics Magazine 
    • Points are earned by working on productions at Prairie View High School
      • 1 point = 10 hours of work
    • Induction occurs every May. In order to be inducted students must-
      • Particpate in one production directed by the Troupe Director (Tech or Acting)
      • Must earn at least 10 Thespian Points
      • Must pay the one time induction fee


    Important Documents for PVHS Theatre Students

    Show Contract

    Troupe 7196 Constitution

    Theatre 19-20 Calendar