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    Posted by Kevin Purfurst on 9/4/2019 4:00:00 PM

    Dear Future Elementary #13 Families,

    For those of you I have not yet met, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you. I am Kevin Purfurst (pronounced Pur - first) and I have the honor to serve as the principal of Elementary School #13, which will be opening in the Brighton Crossings neighborhood at 5505 Longs Peak Street, Brighton, CO in August of 2020. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with this community to create a school that everyone will be proud of.

    One of my goals for this new community school is to create an inclusive environment where all voices are important. In the future, this will include crucial roles for families in our school accountability committee and parent-teacher organization. As a start to that inclusive work, I need your help create nominations for the name of Elementary School #13. As descriptive as “Elementary School #13” is, our first step in building a school we can all be proud of will be to give it a name in which we can all take pride.   

    To submit a nomination for the name of Elementary School #13, please click here and then follow the links to complete the form to submit a nomination! Nominations will be accepted through September 10, 2019. Following that, the 27J Schools Facility Planning Advisory Committee, made up of 27J Schools parents, community members, staff, and school board members, will consider all nominations and submit three to the 27J Schools Superintendent and School Board for their consideration and final selection in October. 

    Once a name is selected for the building, I would like to continue to welcome our community to help nominate and select a school mascot and colors. To do that, I want to ensure we are reaching as many families interested in joining our community as possible. Therefore, I need your help. If you know of a family who should be, or wants to be receiving communication and information about Elementary School #13 (like this one), but isn’t, please have them reach out to me using the contact information below. This includes families who are not currently living in the Elementary School #13 boundaries but are considering joining our community, families of students who will be preschoolers or kindergarteners who are not currently in the 27J Schools system but will be in August of 2020, or anyone else who might want to know more about the progress of our new school. You are receiving this communication because you currently reside in the future boundaries of Elementary School #13 or have previously reached out to express interest in our school. To see the boundaries for Elementary School #13 starting in August of 2020 click here. Elementary School #13 is denoted by the “ES #13” marker. 

    In addition to selecting the school mascot and colors, I will be working with our community to begin a conversation about our hopes and dreams for what we want Elementary School #13 to become. It is essential that your voice be part of that conversation. I promise you that we will not have all of the answers to the vision for what we want this school to become on day one. This is intentional as we must build an inclusive community that engages students, staff, and families in the creation of our shared vision. And, that shared vision can and should change as we continue that process.

    In early 2020 we will begin the process of hiring staff. My commitment is to hire the best people who want to come and make this the school we will be proud of. As staff are hired, we will hold a series of community meetings where we will invite you to come and share your hopes and dreams for what our school will become. This is why it is so important for us to know about all families that are interested in our new school. I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be involved in crafting this shared vision. This will also offer us an opportunity to share our drivers for opening this new school with you. 

    If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to drive past the building currently going up. I am regularly impressed with the progress that the building is making. I, along with the 27J Schools construction team, meet weekly with the contractor (GH Phipps) and architect (Hord Coplan Macht) to review the progress of the building. In these communications I will be sharing updates with you about what has been happening on the site as we move towards the building being finished. The notable progress this week has been that steel has begun to be put up on the site. As this happens, the outline of the building will begin to take shape. As the weather has been dry, the project remains on track for a late May or early June completion date. I’m excited to continue to watch the progress of the building along with all of you. 

    I’m looking forward to building a community with each and every one of you. As we get closer to opening this new school, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have. I will work to communicate with you regularly throughout this process. Together, we can make this a great school!


    Kevin Purfurst


    Elementary School #13

    27J Schools

    Phone: 303-655-5101

    Email: kpurfurst@sd27j.net 

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