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2022 Mill Levy Override

Our community's ongoing investment in improved learning environments, new learning opportunities and increased student safety.

In November 2022, the 27J Schools community approved a mill levy override property tax increase. This crucial, community-funded investment marked the first time in more than two decades that voters approved additional operational funding for the district and immediately infused $17.7 million in new money into 27J Schools.

These funds will provide additional, annual operational funding to address critical district needs such as increased teacher and staff salaries, enhanced Career and Technical Education learning opportunities and important safety and security upgrades.

Our commitment is the use of this money for its intended purposes to support student learning and safety as well as transparency and accountability in the use of these funds, including the formation of a community-led mill levy override accountability committee.

How Will This Money Be Used?

How has this money been spent so far?

The mill levy override is a recurring source of district funding and the district will expend this money on annual basis in accordance with identified

multi-colored pie chart with breakdown of district mill levy spending

priorities. This chart represents current expenditures of this money for the 2023-2024 school year (as of January 2024). 

Interested in a more detailed explanation of how 27J Schools is spending this money?

2024 Community Investments Report

woman in kitchen wearing chef clothes putting food in pot


How is 27J Schools being accountable and transparent with this money?

In addition to publishing regular reports and updates on how this money is being used, 27J Schools has created an 11-member community Mill Levy Override Accountability to monitor how 27J Schools is spending and allocating taxpayer funds to improve teacher pay, student learning and safety. This committee meets on a monthly basis.

Committee Members

  • Alison Marlan
  • Kitti Walkup-Birkhead
  • Victoria Villareal
  • Gaby Chavez
  • Roberta Thimmig
  • Michael Kouba
  • Rhianon Collins
  • Danny Sandoval
  • Susan Worth
  • Mandy Thomas
  • Rachel Wilhelm