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Dr. Chris Fiedler is a 30-year educator who understands the business of education and the people it takes to deliver on the promise of 27J 

Superintendent Dr. Chris Fiedler addressing crowd with microphone

Schools’ mission: “Empowering every student today to take control of their future tomorrow.”

27J Schools’ students increased their graduation rates year after year, earning the highest rate (90.9 percent) in Adams County’s metro Denver area the past several years. Compared to other metro area districts, the class of 2022 students also earned the highest Hispanic graduation rate at 89 percent. Students of Color earned the highest graduation rate among the Denver metro districts at 89.5 percent.

Looking at the community’s  financial support, 27J Schools voters passed bond issues to build new schools in 2015 and 2021 to keep up with rapid growth in the past dozen years. However, the district wasn’t keeping pace with local support for its operations funding which comes from a mill levy override. Making a change to involve more residents in its requests, voters approved a 2022 mill levy override ballot question.

To maximize each school day and provide an incentive for teachers and support staff to choose to work in 27J Schools, the district shifted to a 4-day school week in the fall of 2018. Districts around the nation reached out to the district for advice in their own efforts to explore the unique school schedule.

27J Schools made it a priority for all students to use and have an electronic device to connect to the internet so learning could happen at home. The district launched a “One-to-Web” initiative in the fall of 2018 for secondary students and expanded it to grades PreK-12 as the district navigated the challenges of in-person, blended, and virtual learning during the pandemic.

Fiedler began his career in 27J Schools in 2004 as the principal at Thimmig Elementary School. He next served as the principal at Prairie View High School before becoming 27J Schools Superintendent in 2012.

Fiedler grew up in Iowa, moved to Colorado with his parents, and graduated from Greeley West High School. He earned his college education degree in social science with an emphasis in secondary education from the University of Northern Colorado. He received his master’s degree in educational administration at the University of Phoenix. Fiedler received his doctorate in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

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