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  • 2019-2020 Updated Cell Phone Policy

    We believe students should be fully engaged in their learning.  For that reason, neither students nor staff should be using cell phones during class for non-academic reasons.  Teachers are expected to address this off-task behavior just as they would any other off-task behavior by utilizing the steps outlined below.


    District 27J Cell phone Policy - JICI

    Use of Cell Phones on School Grounds:

    Student use/possession of a cell phone depends on the grade level of the student.  The following categories outline the grade levels and authorized use/possession of cell phones by students. No student, at any grade level, shall use a cell phone or electronic device to engage in, promote or facilitate any other conduct that violates the student code of conduct, other superintendent policies or regulations, or state or federal law. If the building principal or designee believes a student’s possession or use of a cell phone or other electronic devices may involve a violation of the law, the building principal or designee may also refer the matter to

    law enforcement.


    1. Elementary Schools: Student use of cell phones is prohibited.  If a student is asked to carry a cell phone by parents (ie the student walks home and phone is for safety), the phone must be kept in a secure location until the end of the day.
    2. Middle Schools:  Students may use cell phones before and after school, as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption.  Use of cell phones during the school day is prohibited and they will be powered completely off, concealed and secured.
    3. High Schools: Students may use cell phones before and after school, as long as they do not create a distraction or disruption.  Students may also use cell phones during passing periods and during the lunch break, as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption or cause the student to be tardy for the next period.  During the entire class period, cell phones will be secured in lockers, backpacks, or vehicles.

    Brighton High School Cell Phone Policy Expectations

    Cell phone usage during class time will not be permitted at Brighton High School.  All cell phones must be turned off or silenced and put away in lockers, backpacks or vehicles.. Cell phones pose a distraction to the classroom instruction and student’s ability to concentrate and focus on the learning at hand. 


    1st Offense - Cell phone confiscated by teacher/staff member and not returned to the student until the end of the class period.  Teacher/staff member calls parents/guardian to inform them of the incident & documents in IC.


    2nd Offense - Cell phone confiscated by teacher/staff member and taken to the main office to be held until the end of the day.  Student can pick up cell phone at the end of the day from the main office. Teacher/Staff member calls parents/guardian  to inform them of the incident & documents in IC.


    3rd Offense - Cell phone confiscated by teacher/staff member and taken to the main office for the parent to pick up.  A discipline referral is submitted to Administration through Infinite Campus for discipline action. Administration will call parents & document in IC.


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  • 2019-2020 Bell Schedule

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  • Schedule Repairs  


    Students, you and your parents can view your current class schedules by logging in to the IC (Infinite Campus) student/parent portal starting on July 26th, however, changes to the schedules by the school may continue until August 8. If you are a returning student, the credentials you used last year are the same to access IC this year.  To login to IC, your student ID number is your username and your password is the first initial of your first and last name followed by your 6 digit date of birth.  (Example:  John Smith born 01/02/97 would be js010297).  If you have questions or need assistance accessing IC, please call 303-655-4250. Parents, if you need IC access, please bring your photo ID to the main office and one of the secretaries will provide you with the necessary information and credentials.

    Schedule Repairs - Due to the complexity of our schedule and the large number of students enrolled in all of our classes, we CANNOT rearrange or change schedules.  

    WE WILL NOT CHANGE:  Teachers, lunch hours, or class periods.

    -A course you selected is full or has a conflict
    -You did not select enough courses for a full schedule (7 classes for 9th graders, 6 classes for 10th graders, and 5 classes for 11th & 12th graders)
    -You are missing a core required class - English, Math, Science, Social Studies
    -Duplicate class
    -Wrong placement/missing prerequisite

    Counselors will make repairs to student schedules on the following days:

    August 1st
    Seniors - 8am to 10am
    Juniors - 12am to 2pm

    August 2nd
    Sophomores - 8am to 10am
    Freshmen - 12am to 2pm

    Thank you and see you soon!

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  • 2019-2020 Course Registration Infromation 

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