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Curricular Frameworks

The 27J Curricular Frameworks are our guaranteed and viable curriculum that define goal and provide clarity about what we want ALL students to be able to do for each content area and grade level.  The 27J Curricular Frameworks support teachers as they intentionally plan for instruction. All curricular frameworks share these essential components:

  • Title: Name of the Subject
  • Program Statement: Our collective Pre-K 27J promise as to what will be delivered on behalf of our students toward each grade level and content portion of the framework.
  • Big Ideas: The context through which we are engaging within the framework of skills and understanding
  • Transfer: What students will be able to do on their own, both during their time in 27J, as well as upon leaving for the workplace or higher education
  • Essential Questions: These are unanswerable questions that are continuously pursued and shaped as student skills and understandings deepen throughout the course of learning.
  • Understandings: These statements represent the “why.”  Students ask daily, “Why am I doing this work?”. The understanding is what students are working to make meaning of,  in order to have relevance beyond the classroom.
  • Professional Knowledge and Student Skills: Professional knowledge represents the information that all teachers must have personal and collective clarity of in order to ensure common understanding across grade levels. The Student Skills component represent the full complement of College and Career Readiness skills.

Student progress toward goal is measured through the 27J Common Assessments.  Teachers utilize the assessment results in Data Cycles to adjust instruction.

Frameworks by Subject

The curricular frameworks have been designed to improve student outcomes, accountability, and the inclusion of all students to ensure equal access to grade-level content standards. Considerations should be made for students with identified needs, remembering that all students work toward grade level standards.  This will include students who have an IEP, 504, English Learner Plan, and Advanced Learning Plan.

Please refer to the "Guidance Document for Special Populations" for further clarification and assistance. 

Frameworks by Subject for Significant Support Needs (SSN) Students