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Homeschool/Home-Based Education

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Homeschool (Home-based Education)

  • Are you considering a home-based education for your child?

  • Did you know Colorado law recognizes that parents have the primary right and obligation to choose the proper education and training for children under their care and supervision?

  • This provides families with a wide variety of educational options, including traditional classroom learning in a public school environment, blended programs, online school, private school, and homeschool. Some families choose to homeschool their students part-time while also letting them spend part of each school day in a traditional classroom setting.

  • When choosing to implement a homeschool program, please be aware that the parent or guardian is taking on all the responsibility for the student's education, including curriculum and materials.  The Colorado Department of Education website has a FAQ page you can access here for additional information.

Homeschooling Resources

Below is the link to our Notification of Intent to Homeschool form. Please complete the form and submit it to the District Homeschool Coordinator a minimum of 14 days before beginning your child's homeschool program.