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International Student Exchange

27J Schools will be hosting international exchange students for the 2024-25 school year. Application deadline from approved agencies is May 15, 2024.

International Exchange Student Program Information For 27J Schools

  • The 27J Schools Board of Education understands and appreciates the cultural and linguistic contributions to education made possible by interaction with students from various countries.  Therefore, the Board may authorize the admission of a limited number of International Exchange students on a tuition-free basis to the regular educational programs offered in the district’s high schools under provision of Board Policy JFABB.

    • The District will only admit international exchange students from district-approved international exchange programs.  Program approval must be obtained prior to seeking the admission of any international exchange student to a District school.  (1.1)

    • This policy applies to non-immigrant students from other countries who are temporarily residing with a host family in School District 27J for the purpose of attending school.  International exchange students must have a J-1 visa. (1.2)

    • This policy does not apply to resident aliens, political exiles, or students from other countries residing in the District with their parents/legal guardians.  Students in the United States on a visitor visa are not entitled to enroll in 27J Schools. (1.3)

    • 27J Schools does not accept students with an F1 Visa. To search for schools that are approved to accept F1 Visas, please click here:

    27J Schools accept international exchange students through district-approved exchange agencies listed with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).  (To become an approved agency, please complete this form.)

    Exchange students and their families contact a CSIET-certified agency representative within their own home country.  A list of these organizations can be found on the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel website.

    The student’s family and exchange representative make arrangements for a qualified host family living in the 27J Schools attendance boundary to host the student for one school year.  Once the arrangements have been made, the organization’s representative will contact the Office of Intervention Services via email at, and send the required student and host information for review and approval.  This information must be completed and received no later than May 15th of the school year before the desired exchange school year.  

    If the student and host family meet the school district’s requirements and are accepted by the Office of Intervention Services, the exchange agency will apply for a J-Visa and arrange travel for the student to and from Denver, Colorado.  

    The student will attend their neighborhood high school for one school year and then return to his/her own country.  The student will not graduate or receive a diploma from any of the high schools within 27J Schools.  Per U.S. Federal Law, public schools can only accept high school-age students.