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Suspensions & Expulsions

Suspension and Expulsion Services


Alternatives to Suspension and Expulsion

  • School District 27J is committed to helping students avoid suspension or expulsion and remain in school, provided the parent and student share that same commitment.  With these goals in mind the District provides many students the opportunity to participate in alternative to suspension or alternative to expulsion services.  Participation in alternative to suspension or alternative to explusion programs/services is optional.  Parents or students may decline the opportunity to participate in such services, in which a suspension may be imposed or in the case of expulsion, proceedings will continue and a due process expulsion hearing may be scheduled at the parent’s request.  Eligibilty to participate in alternative options are at the discretion of the school administration and the Intervention Services department. 

    Intervention Services works with schools to identify students at risk of suspension or expulsion and provide them with a plan to provide the necessary support services to help them avoid expulsion, and work with parents or guardians to provide the services. Services are generally offered through agreements with appropriate local and state governmental agencies and/or community-based organizations.


    What is the difference between suspension and expulsion?

    The main difference between suspension and expulsion is the amount of time a student must stay out of school. A suspension may only last for ten days, but an expulsion can last up to one year.  A suspension is imposed at the school level by a school administrator.  An expulsion requires a due process hearing.