1. The office must have a current physical on file.

    2. The $150.00 (per sport) fee must be paid prior to participation OR a copy of the student’s Free/Reduced Nutrition letter must be turned into the office in order to exempt/waive the fee. If students/parents are unsure if this letter has been provided to the office, please bring a copy. (The office DOES NOT automatically know whether a student is exempt.)

    3. The $25.00 fee if Free/Reduced Nutrition letter is turned into the office (this fee cannot be exempted/waived.)

    4. All outstanding fees must be paid prior to participation in the sport.
    5. Student athlete must be registered on FamilyID at https://www.familyid.com/organizations/stuart-middle-school
         Please Note:  Payment cannot be accepted through Family ID.  Payment must be made online through student fee payments or in the main office.  Please follow this link to pay fees online:    https://brighton27j.revtrak.net/tek9.asp  

    * Athletes will not be added to the roster until all of the requirements above are met.


    -Physical on File
    -$150 Fee Paid OR $25 fee when Free/Reduced Letter Turned In
    -ALL Outstanding Fees Paid
    -Registered on FamilyID on or before the registration deadline