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    Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Department Email Phone Page
    Anglo-Raymundo Nicola English nangloraymundo@sd27j.net 303-655-8982
    Asherah Alon English akaplan@sd27j.net 303-655-8886
    Baldoni Jenny English jbaldoni@sd27j.net 303-655-8882
    Cadena Anthony English acadena@sd27j.net 303-655-8980
    Fling DeAnna English Language Learner dfling@sd27j.net 303-655-8984
    Galceran Joelle English jgalceran@sd27j.net 303-655-8876
    Gelrod Cole English cgelrod@sd27j.net 303-655-8977
    Germann John English Language Learner jgermann@sd27j.net 303-655-8988
    Gleichmann Rob English rgleichmann@sd27j.net 303-655-8885
    Mallander Lacie English lmallander@sd27j.net (303)655-8981
    Malloy Sean English smalloy@sd27j.net 303-655-8880
    Martinez Chris English cmartinez1@sd27j.net (303)655-8878
    Russo Kim English krusso@sd27j.net 303-655-8979
    Watling Laura English lwatling@sd27j.net 303-655-8881

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