• The Language Arts department works with reading (literature & informational texts), writing, speaking, listening, and language usage skills. These skills are the foundation of any future career for all of our students. We focus on the use of the National Common Core Standards to guide our instruction in creating college and career ready students. 
    Common Core Language Arts Standards:

Language and Literature Teachers

Name Grade Level Telephone Number E-mail Teacher Page
Ms. Kim Charles-Smith 6-8th Grade (303)655-4038 kcharles@sd27j.net
Ms. Kim Weber 6-8th Grade (303)655-4026 kweber@sd27j.net
Mr. Dan Yergert 6th Grade (303)655-4031 dyergert@sd27j.net
Mrs. Jennifer Federocko 6th Grade (303) 655-4022 jfederocko@sd27j.net Visit
Ms. Tracey Reynolds 6th-8th Grade (303) 655-4049 treynolds@sd27j.net visit
Ms. MaryLu Hernbloom 7th & 8th Grade (303) 655-4049 mhernbloom@sd27j.net Visit
Ms. Rachel Baldwin 7th Grade (303)655-4040 rbaldwin@sd27j.net
Mr. Dominic Rossi 8th Grade (303) 655-4021 drossi@sd27j.net Visit