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    Do you have items or a service you want to sell? An apartment or home to rent? In search of a particular item? Or maybe you have an event or social networking group you wish to advertise? On this site you can find it, buy it, sell it, rent it, trade it or share it for free.


    This classified advertisement page is provided as a service to School District 27J employees.
    Email your detailed posting to:
    Tracy L Rudnick
    Public Information Officer
    Phone: 303-655-2905
    Be sure to include a clear description and your contact information. You may also submit a photo of a item in JPG format. The ad will be online for approximately a month unless you request a shorter time.
    The district reserves the right to edit submissions and post only appropriate material.
     School District 27J is not a party to any agreement with either the Buyer or the Seller and this is only offered as a service to School District 27J employees. School District 27J neither warrants or guarantees satisfaction for products or services sold through this classified ad service. School District 27J disclaims knowledge of the quality, condition or the legality of any product or service offered by a Seller.