• Triceratops


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Welcome to the Triceratops Learning Community!

First Name Last Name Subject E-mail Phone Number Classroom Code
Julie Chamberlin Social Studies jchamberlin@sd27j.net 720-685-5561
Advisory   vc6gbzw
Period 1   abykrf2
Period 3   zvck7sk
Courtney Holley Language Arts cholley@sd27j.net 720-685-5562
Group A

Period 1   ct4sr2g
Period 2   n5uhpg6
Period 3   b3r7fkx
Period 4   sgmvqnk

Group B

Period 1   zd4ymsa
Period 2   fi556go
Period 4   eqaqvf4
Vilnis Humeyumptewa Math vhumeyumptewa@sd27j.net 720-685-5563
Group A

Period 1   emmyrxt
Period 2   6gq5jbi
Period 3   a2hoarl
Period 4 (virtual)   bbh2i6p

Group B

Period 1   pguvniu
Period 2   f3gqwz2
Period 3   uhdadep
Terilyn Korth Science tkorth@sd27j.net 720-685-5564 Advisory   txu3t2r
Period 1   x33lwls
Period 3   ffsnjvc