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Welcome to the Pterodactyls Learning Community!

First Name Last Name Subject E-mail Phone Classroom Code
Tyler Ambrozi Language Arts tambrozi@sd27j.net 720-685-5531 Period 1   x42ginq
Period 2   52un5eq
Period 3   vx5m5ic
Period 4   dz2lib2
ELA w/Mrs. Crowe   wnzwae2
Mark Lotvedt Social Studies mlotvedt@sd27j.net 720-685-5530 Connect 21   6h7bpz4

A Group

Periods 1-2:   u7xcudz
Periods 3-4:   syezyg3

B Group

Periods 3-4:   wmae4wu
Tom Schuck Science tschuck@sd27j.net 720-685-5533
Denise Smyth Math dsmyth@sd27j.net 720-685-5532 Advisory:   dylx32d
Integrated Math:   xeecddn

Group A

Period 1:   tdgdaid
Period 2:   mhezkte
Period 3:   dobc3ad
Period 4 (Remote):   dotb66a

Group B

Period 1:   dz652yc
Period 2:   27xcjsi
Period 3:   v3ersgt

Math w/Mrs. Crowe   ol2u6hs