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    Staff members in the Assessment and Federal Grants Department perform many important responsibilities within School District 27J. These responsibilities include administration of, and data distribution for, state mandated assessments, including PARCC/CMAS, and ACCESS. District managed MAP (Measures of Academic Progress from NWEA) assessments are also administered through this department. 

    The Federal Grants managed under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) by this office are Title IA, Title IIA, Title IIIA, and Title IIA Set Aside. ESEA is the primary federal law affecting K-12 education, and its main goal is to help all students reach proficiency in English language arts/reading and mathematics. ESEA is built on four pillars: Expanded local control and flexibility; Doing what works based on scientific research; Accountability for results; and more options for parents. State Funded ELPA – English Language Proficiency Act is also managed by this department. In general parent involvement/communication is an overarching component of all of the federal programs. Please see individual pages for more detailed information about each topic.

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