Mrs. Lora McCabe

Phone: 303-695-8954


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Architecture & Master of Architecture, Tulane University Master of Arts in Education (anticipated Dec. 2017), Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners Endorsement, Adams State University Teacher License in Secondary Mathematics

Mrs. Lora McCabe

Welcome to my Algebra 1 class! I am excited to have you in class this year. Algebra is the foundation of many of the concepts you will continue to use throughout your classes and in problem-solving for the rest of your life.

My beliefs are simple:

All children can learn.

All children deserve a chance for quality education and instruction.

Every brain can grow. 

Math is understanding relationships and the learning to think.


These are some of the kinds of learning I believe are most important for teaching and learning math:

  • Lessons and tasks that allow students to practice the skills of questioning, problem solving, collaborating with their peers, and recognizing their own thinking are key in developing skills and understandings. 
  • Inquiry-based workshops and projects that push students to ask questions and then decide how to find an answer are a path to deeper understanding. Students discover how and why a solution makes sense. The teacher serves as a guide who allows kids to succeed in solving problems. 
  • The joys and frustrations of working with others are a very real part of life after school. Group work and project-based learning give students a chance to practice and hone those skills: communication, compromise, listening, and sharing the load. 
  • Encouraging students to reflect on their own thinking also prepares them to succeed. Having a strategy for identifying how we reached a solution this time helps us to approach our next problem with confidence.

Students, parents and guardians, I encourage you to reach out to me whenever you have questions.

I look forward to a year full of learning and growth!