• Enrollment and Application Process

    Our Academies: BOLT - Heritage - Bridge

    If you are interested in attending any of our Academies, you will start the process by completing our Innovations and Options application. The application is the same, regardless of which Academy you will attend. You do NOT have to know which Academy you want to attend in order to apply.

    Here is general order/timeline of how our enrollment process works.

    1) Submit completed application.

    2) Enrollment center staff will review applications and contact each family to discuss the students' goals, needs, and eligibility. The intake meeting will serve as an opportunity for you to learn more and to determine the Academy that will best fit the students' needs.

    3) All approved students will be initially placed on the waitlist for that Academy.

    4) Prior to the next available admission start date, students will be selected from the waitlist based on seats available in the desired Academy. Students are not necessarily accepted on first-come, first-serve basis. Each Academy has a set of criteria to determine a student's order in the waitlist.

    5) All accepted students from the waitlist will be contacted regarding next steps and orientation information. If there are more students than seats available, those who do not get a seat will be contacted to determine if that student would like to remain on the waitlist for the next admission date.

    Admission Start Dates for 2018-2019

    *All programs have limited seats, and may or may not have available seats at any given admission date.

    Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, all Innovations & Options Academies will be on 6-week, hexter terms. Students must be approved and enrolled BEFORE the first day of the term to start that term. Due the intense and short time frame of a 6-week period, we will not enroll students late in a term.

    If a student is ready to enroll, but it falls after the first day of the hexter, they will be scheduled to start the following term.

    Hexter start dates for 2018-2019:

    Hexter 1: Aug 9 

    Hexter 2: Sep 25

    Hexter 3: Nov 6

    Hexter 4 (Semester 2): Jan 8

    Hexter 5: Feb 19

    Hexter 6: March 22



    General Questions/More Information - Call 303-655-2850

    If you have questions or would like some basic information about any of our Academy options, please call us before you apply.

    Ready to Apply!

    If you are ready to start the enrollment process, the first step is to complete the Application. You do NOT need to know which Academy you want to attend in order to apply.



    If you are currently enrolled at a 27J school, you ONLY need to submit the application:

    Innovations & Options Application - PDF 

     Our application is a PDF format. You may submit your application:

    • By email: jhanavan@sd27j.net,
    • By fax: 720-398-3467, or
    • Drop it off at our main office:  830 E Bridge Street, Brighton, CO 80601. 


    If you are NOT currently enrolled in a 27J school, you will also need to submit the following in order for your application to be considered complete:

    • New student enrollment packet and supporting documents
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Shot records
    • Proof of residency
    • Copy of attendance, behavior, and any in-progress grades from your current school (you will need to request this from your school; we will only send an official records request once you have been approved for an Academy).