• Updated 1/20/2021:
    Applications are now being accepted for an enrollment start date February 16th, 2021. This marks the first day of our 5th hexter term.

    Enrollment and Application Process

    If you are interested in attending any of our Academies, you will start the process by completing our Innovations and Options application. The application is the same, regardless of which Academy you will attend. You do NOT have to know which Academy you want to attend in order to apply.

    Here is general order/timeline of how our enrollment process works.

    1) Submit completed application.

    2) Enrollment center staff will review applications and contact each family to discuss the students' goals, needs, and eligibility. You will likely hear from our staff 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start of the next hexter.

    3) In some cases, the Academy that you are interested in applying to may not have availability. In that case, you will be given the choice to enroll into a different academy or to be placed on a wait list for the next enrollment cycle.


    General Questions/More Information - Call 303-655-2850

    If you have questions or would like some basic information about any of our Academy options, please call us before you apply.


    Ready to Apply?

    If you are ready to start the enrollment process, the first step is to complete the Application. You do NOT need to know which Academy you want to attend in order to apply.


    If you are currently enrolled at a 27J school, you ONLY need to submit the application:


    Application for Innovations and Options 2020-2021


    If you are NOT currently enrolled in a 27J school, you will also need to:

    • Register with School District 27J: New student registration page
    • Complete the Application for Innovations and Options 2020-2021
    • AND submit to Angela Bueno (abueno@sd27j.net):
      • Unofficial transcript
      • Copy of attendance, behavior, and any in-progress grades from your current school (you will need to request this from your school; we will only send an official records request once you have been approved for an Academy).


    Thank you for your interest in Innovations and Options!