Molly Biel
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Molly Biel AI K-1 grade (720) 685-7500
  • Mrs. Molly Biel

    Achieve Institute K/1-Grade Teacher 


    Welcome!  Mrs. Biel is honored to be in her seventh year at Achieve Institute.  She has been specializing in gifted education for more than eight years.  Over the last twenty years she has taught in a wide variety of settings including a general education first grade, a classroom for students who speak English as a second language, small groups of students in need of learning interventions, and small groups of students with gifts and talents.  Mrs. Biel has a passion for robotics and coding and strives to teach her students 21st century skills.  Mrs. Biel was inspired by her experiences as a student in Elementary School Magnet Programs.  These programs provided opportunities for Mrs. Biel to explore her personal interests and have a choice of what she studied.  These experiences have inspired Mrs. Biel to provide choice and interest in her classroom.

    Mrs. Biel has a husband, two adult sons, and two granddaughters.  She has many gifted people in her family and was inspired to go into the field of gifted education to do her part in providing the best possible program for students with gifts and talents.  Mrs. Biel loves to sew, go to spin class, hike, camp, cook, and travel.


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