Wrestling (all grades practices (begins January 16, 2024)

    Girls Basketball (7th & 8th grade only) practices (begins January 16, 2024)

    2023-24 27J Middle School Athletic Seasons 

    Sport/ Who can participate Season with First Practice First Game Game Days
    Football: 7th - 8th grade August 15th - October 4nd

    August 30

    Fall Volleyball: 7th - 8th grade August 16th - October 4th

    August 29

    Boy's Basketball: 7th - 8th grade

    October 17-December 17

    October 26 Tuesdays/Thursdays
    Girl's Basketball: 7th - 8th grade

    January 16 - February 29

    January 25

    Wrestling: 6th - 8th grade, coed

    January 31 - March 9 

    January 31



    6th-8th grade boys & girls teams

    March - May


    Track: 6th - 8th grade, coed

    March - May 



    Greetings Quist Families,
    Thank you for your interest in Athletic Programing at Quist Middle School.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help families and athletes prepare for our upcoming seasons.
    • When/where is registration?
      • Registration for each sport will open approximately 2 weeks before the first day of practice.  Links will be available online.
    • How much do seasons cost?
      • As of last year, athletes are asked to pay $150 in-district ($195 out-of-district) per sport.  Families who qualify for free/reduced lunch are charged $25.  Fees will be assigned when registration closes.
    • What equipment is required?
      • This depends on each sport.  The website will be updated during the registration period.
    • What are the requirements to start practice?
      • Please secure a current physical for your athlete.  No practice or participation in contests can occur without one.  Physicals are good for 364 calendar days from date of physical.  All physicals need a statement from a health-care provider that states the student is cleared to participate in athletics.
      • All fees/fines must be paid before athletes can participate in any contests or continue with the season.
    • What about COVID? 
      • We are waiting for guidance from CDPHE.
    • Which grades are eligible for which sports? 
      • 7th and 8th graders are eligible for all sports seasons. 
      • 6th graders can participate in wrestling in the winter and soccer or track in the spring.
    • Are there tryouts? 
      • No, we offer participation to any and all athletes, regardless of skill level.  That being said, our teams can be larger than other schools.  Our coaches do their best to provide equal access to practice and contests.
    • What about eligibility?  
      • Eligibility will be based on two different criteria - grades or RISE/ROAR. 
      • On Thursday of every week, eligibility will be pulled and  determined by grades in classes.  At this point, if a student has a Cs/1 D  which is considered Not Yet proficient on  learning targets in any class (meaning they have 5-7 pts in our Proficiency Grading System = See Grading in Student Handbook) they are encouraged to obtain an eligibility rubric from their coach. 
      • Eligibility rubrics allow  students to rate themselves and conference with the teacher to determine if the student has demonstrated the learner behaviors needed to be a learner, even if their grade may not reflect that in the moment.  Please see our Student Handbook for a digital copy of our Eligibility Rubric, which includes additional information.
    If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Dustin Steinbach at dsteinbach@sd27j.net.