• Welcome to Riverdale Ridge Theatre Company!

    The Riverdale Ridge Theatre Company is Colorado's newest high school drama program. Serving the Riverdale Ridge High School community, this newly formed high school program is dedicated to performing arts education and arts advocacy. 

The Green Room

  • The Green Room is an ongoing series of small, student-led projects.

    A green room is a space in a theatre where performers and technicians hang out and wait for their cue. We started this program because in COVID times, we're all just hanging out, waiting to get back on stage.

    Stay tuned below for specific projects and details!

    24-Hour Play Project

    The 24-hour play is a common format for high school theatre companies and it's about time we brought it to Riverdale Ridge!

    Student participants will have 24-hours to create as many plays as they can using given circumstances from the public. Then, you can tune in virtually to see their work!

    Streaming Performances

    are available on Friday, 2.26, and Saturday, 2.27, @ 7pm.

    Performances are not OnDemand, so plan accordingly!

    RUN TIME: 30 minutes


    Your ticket will have the StreamPass code to enter on the BookTixLive.com website


Auditioned Theatre

  • Sign up today for Auditioned Theatre!

    This is an advanced theatre course for students looking to dive deeper into the creating of theatre performances. The class experiences are flexible for each group of students taking it. Options include activities like one-act plays, touring children's theatre, solo shows, etc. Students can take the course multiple times and have a different experience each time!

    Audition using the Google Form by Friday, 2.12.

    This form is in three parts; the first part is basic student information, the second part is a short Q&A session and the third part is an audition video submission.

    Part One: Please complete a few basic pieces of information about yourself
    Part Two: The three Q&A questions will ask you to share some thoughts about theatre and collaboration
    Part Three: Please include a 1-2 minute audition video of a monologue of your choice; get creative in your selection piece; go crazy!



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