"Homecoming" 2019

About the Team


    The Student Leader Team at Riverdale Ridge High School is a team of students interested in leading the engagement of our learning community. The team functions as a co-curricular cource with both in-class work and extracurricular expectations. The team is responsible for school-wide projects like Homecoming, Prom, student-engagement, etc.

    Statement of Purpose

    The Student Leader Team will collaborate and communicate with the Riverdale Ridge community to establish a respectful, inclusive, positive, and safe environment.

About the Class

  • Student Council (SP265A/SP265B)

    Grade level: 9-12
    Semester Credit: 2
    Course Length: 1 year
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Fee: No

    Student Council is a year long course. Elections, which are held during spring semester, determine who will serve their class for the upcoming year. Homecoming, graduation, parking lot, student planner, and prom are a few of the activities that are planned and carried out by Student Government. Often, Student Government members serve on building and district committees representing the student body on such issues as graduation requirements, grading system guidelines, and other issues that affect BHS students on a daily basis. There is a substantial amount of time spent outside the classroom planning and carrying out activities. Students will also have the opportunity to improve their leadership skills through workshops and conferences.

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Upcoming Activities

  • Art Contest: Album Masterpieces

    Students, are you ready to get creative? We are hosting a create-your-own album cover contest from March 18th to March 30th! The Album Masterpiece contest is a contest between students to come up with the most creative and best looking album cover to the best of your ability. The albums can showcase your year, your favorite memory, or anything you want to create!
    Please make sure that your album cover follows the guidelines below:

    Must be a 2D artwork piece
    Can be Physical or Digital (Such as a picture, drawing, etc.)
    - Must be 8in x 8in to fulfill requirements
    Must be submitted to designated google form by March 30th

    The album covers will be judged anonymously and winners will be announced and the prize for the winner will be given the following week.

    Good luck Ravens and get creative!


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