Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Our school is using Lexia Reading Core5™, a web-based reading program that provides the targeted practice and instruction students need to develop their reading skills. As an added benefit, students can use Lexia Reading Core5 at home. The older version of lexia is no longer in use so please delete that program and follow the directions below.

    Getting started is easy!

    1. Launch a web browser and go to http://www.lexiacore5.com.

    · Create a bookmark for this web address or add it as a favorite.

    · You will see a link to download Adobe Flash Player if you do not have it.

    Flash Player 11 or higher is required. Or click this link http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    Note: iPad and iPad Mini users can download the Core5 app from the App store.

    2. The first time you go to www.lexiacore5.com, you must set up your device:

    · Click the Student/Parent button.

    · Type in my Mrs. Reese's  email address – creese@sd27j.org and click the arrow button to continue.

    · You will not have to set up again unless you delete the browser’s “cookie” files.

    Teacher Email (for setup) creese@sd27j.org_

    Student Username – same as last year

    Student Password - read for preK-1st Student ID for everyone else

    Call the office if you have any questions – 303-655-2750

    3. Allow or help your child to login. The username and password (above) is the same login they use at school.

    Important! Please allow your child to work independently at his or her own pace. Provide encouragement, but don’t give away the answers!

    4. Please try to ensure an average of 20-30 minutes per session. We recommend that usage be kept to a reasonable level – not too short and not too long. Pre-K students may need shorter, more frequent usage (10-15 minutes daily).

    Scope and Sequence - http://www.lexialearning.com/uploads/page-body/MKC5SS-0113_FINAL.pdf


    Candace Reese- Principal

    Check out all the amazing videos that Thimmig Students have access to!

    Username - thimmigstudent
    Password - thimmig


    Type To Learn 4

    As part of the district's ongoing effort to provide parents with tools to help their children learn outside the classroom, we are pleased to announce that Type to Learn 4 is now available to you to use from home. This is the same program your student uses at school.

    Then go to http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads
    Download the full version. This make take approximately 30 minutes or longer, depending on the speed of your connection.

    Installing program
    1. Launch the “Type to Learn 4 v1.2 Setup_Win” installer
    2. On the Welcome screen click Next
    3. Read the End User License Agreement and click Yes if you agree to the terms
    4. Accept the default install location (which we recommend) or Browse to a different location.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Type to Learn 4 begins to install to your machine. This may take several minutes. While it may
    not initially look like progress is being made, it is installing important files to your computer.
    7. Click Close on the Installation Finished screen. You can automatically launch Type to Learn
    4 right away or uncheck that box to launch the program later.

    Using the program
    Username= Student ID number (Stop by the office if you child doesn’t know this)

    Password= ttype
    Account Code=131833