Credit Recovery

    Where all students are welcomed.


    Ms. Sims

    Rm D 205




    Credit Recovery allows students to recover a credit for a class that they failed.


    • Student must have previously failed the same course to be eligible
    • $125 per course
    • Grading: Pass/Fail
    • GPA: Not included
    • NCAA: Does not qualify
    • Each course contains a full Semester's worth of information


    All Credit Recovery courses will be taken during a set class period for the 6 - week session at PVHS.  Courses are completed using an online program that requires the purchase of licenses. 

    Fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of registration.

    Registrations without full payment will not be accepted. Bring the total payment to the Finance Secretary, located in the main office or pay online (https://brighton27j.revtrak.net/).

    Students are also expected to complete an average of 5-8 hours of online work each week outside of the scheduled time. Failure to do so will result in student falling behind and unable to complete the course on time.

    Please see your students Counselor for help on which course is needed. 


    Credit Recovery Sessions 



        Start Date

                     End Date

        Course Duration


    Session #5

     Thursday, April 4th

      Friday, May 10th

      5 weeks

                     February 19th - March 22nd

    *No extensions will be given. Students must start and end courses at the dates specified above.


     Credit Recovery Course Catalog

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