Welcome to PVHS Credit Recovery

    Where all students are welcomed.




    Summer School Dates:

      Quarter 4 Registration*

    5/26/21 - 6/3/21

     Assessments by appointment

    6/1/21 - 6/4/21

    Quarter 4 Full Course Payment

             6/4/21 at 12 pm

    Summer School:

    June 7, 2021 - June 24, 2021

    Summer School will be held Virtually

    Monday through Friday 8am -1pm or by appointment

    Mandatory Orientation:

    Monday, June 7, 2021  

    Students are required to attend virtually 

    From 8 am - 12 pm

    Cost per class:

    $65 for Assessments due at registration

    $125 Full course due 5/27/21 at 12 pm

    If you pay for the assessment and need to take the full course 

    You will only need to pay an additional $60


    If your student needs to recover a 4th Quarter

    course you will receive an email 

    with instructions to register.



    *Registration for Summer School on Prior Failed courses ended 5/19/21 at 1 pm
    Registration for Quarter 4 Courses only will start at the end of this week .  You will receive an email if your student needs to recover a 4th Quarter course.
    If they do not fail any Core courses you will not receive an email.
    Credit Recovery will begin towards the end of August.  You will receive an email with instructions to register for a failed course.





    How to Enroll in Credit Recovery Classes, please complete the following checklist:


      ___Schedule a meeting with your counselor or Ms Sims, to discuss what classes you need to sign up for. 


    Amy Bailon 10-12th grade students A-Ca

    abailon@sd27j.net; 303-655-8824

    Schedule an appointment/Mrs. Bailon


    Sheila Haris 10-12th grade students Ce-Go

    sharris@sd27j.net;  303-655-8827

    Schedule Appointment/Ms. Harris


    Gina Zelkin 10-12th grade students Gp-Ma

    gzelkin@sd27j.net;  303-655-8821

    Schedule Appointment/Ms.Zelkin


    Jenna Alba 10-12th grade students Mb-Ro

    jalba@sd27j.net;  303-655-8825

    Schedule Appointment/Mrs. Alba


    Kristi Nistel 10-12th grade students Rp-Z 

    znistel@sd27j.net;  303-655-8822

    Schedule Appointment/Mrs. Nistel


    Rebecca Sims Online Student Mentor





     ___All fees are payable online or by your student, in the front office, 2 business days after registration 

           Course Assessment fee $65.00

           Full Course fee $125.00

           All students will be allowed to take the Course Assessment for $65.00. If a student fails the Assessment below 59.50% they will then be required to take the full online course with an additional cost of $60.00.

     ___Students MUST complete the online orientation session. This will show you how to access your classes and how to use the tools and support systems available to you while completing the Credit Recovery classes


    For more information about Credit Recovery please watch  this slide show .