Welcome to PVHS Credit Recovery

    Where all students are welcomed.




    What is Credit Recovery?

    Please watch  this slide show  as it will explain CR and the process for registration and Recovery Credits.


    Cost per class:

    Assessment - $65.00 due within 2 days of registering for CR/must be paid to take the test

    if not paid within the allotted time will miss opportunity to take assessment will need to take full course.

    Full Course* - $125.00 due 2 days before Session starts.  If you miss the payment deadline you will be moved to

    the next session.

    *If you pay for the assessment and need to take the full course 

    You will only need to pay an additional $60.00.

    Paid fees are non-refundable, do not carry over to the next school year, or 

    be transfered to another student.





    How to Enroll in Credit Recovery Classes, please complete the following checklist:


      ___Schedule a meeting with your counselor or Ms Sims, to discuss what classes you need to sign up for. 



    Jose Cardona 9th grade students A-L
    jcardona@sd27j.net; 303-655-8965 
    Elizabeth Morrone 9th grade students M-Z
    emorrone@sd27j.net; 303-655-8824
    Sheila Harris 10-12th grade students A-En
    sharris@sd27j.net; 303-655-8827
    Gina Zelkin 10-12th grade students Er-La
    gzelkin@sd27j.net; 303-655-8821
    Mary Beth McKinney 10-12th grade students  Lb-Ra
    mmckinneymellott@sd27j.net; 303-655-8825
    Kristi Nistel 10-12th grade students Rb-Z
    knistel@sd27j.net; 303-655-8822


    Rebecca Sims Online Student Mentor

    D205; 303-655-8932





     ___ All fees are payable online or by your student, in the front office, 2 business days after registration 

           Course Assessment fee $65.00

           Full Course fee $125.00

           All students will be allowed to take the Course Assessment for $65.00. If a student fails the Assessment below 59.50% they will then be required to take the full online course with an additional cost of $60.00.

     ___Students MUST complete the online orientation session. This will show you how to access your classes and how to use the tools and support sytems available to you while completing the Credit Recovery classes