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    Senior Class Graduation meeting April 18


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    Senior Class Meeting Slide Show 10/6/22

    Herff Jones Refund Policy 


    Any student who orders their cap and gown unit through Herff Jones is
    entitled to a refund on that cap and gown unit so long as the appropriate
    conditions are met. A cap and gown unit is defined as a cap, gown, tassel,
    and any other accessory that is required as part of the schools academic
    attire (i.e. a stole). In order to receive a refund, the following conditions
    must be met.

    1.) The request for refund must be made within 2 weeks after the
    school's actual graduation ceremony or before.

    2.) The cap and gown unit must not have been picked-up prior to
    the request for refund.

    If these conditions cannot be met, no refund will be provided. This
    policy applies only to cap and gown units. The sale of all other Herff
    Jones products is considered final after 72hrs from the date of

    To request a refund, please contact our team via email.