In partnership with our families and the community, 27J Schools EMPOWERS EVERY student today to take control of their future

College and Career Readiness Demonstrations

  • As part of the new graduation requirements that apply to the classes of 2021 and beyond, students are required to complete demonstrations of college and career readiness in English and Math. Students can demonstrate readiness by achieving scores above a given threshold on various standardized tests.

    Additionally, students can also demonstrate readiness by passing a Concurrent Enrollment course or scoring above a given threshold on the tests for Advanced Placement courses. Earning an Industry Certificate also qualifies as demonstrating readiness for both English and Math. 

  • 2039 is the end goal of skills and concepts taught in 27J

    Entrepreneurial, interpersonal, personal and professional skills are taught in 27J

    The Thinking Classroom lays the groundwork for skills development and helps students reach 2039

    GEL2 lays the groundwork for skills development and helps students reach 2039

Pre-K -12th: College and Career Preparation

  • 27J Schools also believes that each level of the educational system has an equal responsibility in ensuring our students are prepared for college and career.  All students need access to high-quality, challenging learning experiences from pre-school and throughout elementary, middle school, and high school.  Essentially, we consider college and career readiness ‘a P-12 thing’!

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