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English Language Development

Our Purpose

  • The 27J English Language Development Instructional Team provides guidance, resources, training and supports to ensure all 27J schools can provide equitable, rigorous learning environments for all of our students.

Our Students

  • 27J serves over 1800 English Language Learners. Our students speak 55+ different languages. Approximately 88% of our English language learners have a primary language of Spanish. Following Spanish, the most common primary home languages for our families are Hmong, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Ukrainian, and Korean.

Our Primary Goals

    • English language learners will become fluent in English Language proficiency in the 5-7 year timeline.

    • English language learners students will have access to and be successful in grade level content.

    • English language learners will have equal access to all opportunities available in 27J.

    • English language learners will be prepared for a successful career and life beyond high school graduation