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Professional Learning

  • Welcome to Professional Learning in 27J!


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    “The mission of 27J Schools, with the support of families and the community, is to ensure that ALL students have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for present and future competence and success.”

    To this end, as an organization committed to learning at all levels, it is important to make the most of the time afforded us within the new 4-Day School Week calendar for the 2018 – 19 school year.  A foundational belief we share is that students must receive high-quality learning experiences and, in order to do so, we must ensure that teachers learn and grow through a variety of collaborative, professional learning experiences.


    Create a 27J Schools culture of whole-organizational learning through systemic and systematic professional learning opportunities. 


    School improvement means people improvement in order to raise student achievement.  We must commit to building collective capacity, which requires District Learning Experiences and Environments where the professional learning of educators is: 

    • Ongoing and sustained rather than episodic.
    • Job-embedded rather than separate from the work and external to the school.
    • Specifically aligned with school and district goals rather than the random pursuit of trendy topics.
    • Focused on improved results rather than projects and activities.
    • Viewed as collective and collaborative as well as providing for individual reflection.


    The Learning Organization is defined through multiple ways in which it learns.  This is achieved through Whole-Group Learning, Small-Group Learning, and 1:1 Individual Learning.  A variety of learning environments can be offered through connections with and within the Six 27J Schools Leadership Skills:

    • Clarity
    • Responsibility
    • Facilitate/Coach
    • Action
    • Perspective
    • Emotional Intelligence
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