• Riverdale Ridge cultivates a safe, inclusive, and productive learning environment where all community members are engaged and inspired to lead fulfilling lives.

The Way of the Raven

  • The Way of the Raven is a set of core values selected by the students and staff of Riverdale Ridge in the spring of our inaugural year. These values are used to guide our decision-making as we build our community.


     Strictly following what you believe is right and good.


     Accepting accountability for one's self and the well being of others.


     Ability to identify with other people's situations and feelings.


     The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

The RRHS Shield

  • The shield is frequently used in the foundation of a school crest. In medieval tiems, shields were developed to protect the user.

    Traditionally, the face of a shield carries symbols depicting courage as well as marks of identity. The school crest represents defending the school - academically, athletically, and artistically. The symbols placed on the shield usually tell the story of the ideals, aims and attributes of the school.

    The school's character is proudly displayed on its shield.

    RRHS Crest

The Raven

  • Raven Logo

    The Raven, considered to be one of the most intelligent birds, represents the Riverdale Ridge learning community.

    Ravens are known to be clever and playful as well as resilient problem solvers and learners.

    The captivating Raven mascot design was created by 27j Schools' own Daniel Doehler, Physical Education Teacher at Henderson Elementary.

    Ricky the Raven

    Our mascot is named Ricky the Raven. He was named through a voting process in the Fall of 2019. 

    Ricky the Raven

School Colors

  • Navy Blue

    Navy Blue

    Knowledge, Integrity, Seriousness

    Columbia Blue  

    Columbia Blue

    Health, Tranquility, Understanding

     Silver Grey

    Silver Grey

    Balance, Grace, Justice, Service, Reliability

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  • Official Riverdale Ridge High School Facebook Page
  • RRHS cannot control unofficial social media accounts. If an account is using the school’s logos or claiming to represent RRHS, especially those posting inappropriate or offensive content, please report it via email to any assistant principal as soon as possible by including screenshots of the posting and the name of the account holder. Administration will take measures to report the account to the social media platform organization as an inappropriate use of the RRHS trademark.