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Valerie Ortega

Welcome to Mary E. Pennock Elementary School! This is a school where kids and their learning matter more than anything else. Pennock opened its doors in 2003 on that very premise, and since then “KIDS and their learning,” continues to serve as the measuring stick for which all decisions are made.
I am equally proud of the people that routinely work with our students and in our school. Our teaching and support staff are absolutely exceptional at what they do. We have the best parent volunteer base and PTA around, and even the parents who can’t volunteer their time at school, they do the most important work a parent can supporting their children at home.

As a school we strive to provide a learning environment that “feels like home”. We value and encourage family involvement, and understand that you are lending us your most valuable possession every day from 8:30 to 3:30. We hope that you have high expectations from our staff and for our school.
We believe that it is essential to provide parents with information about school and its happenings. You can expect a monthly newsletter from our school, frequent newsletters and progress reports from your child’s classroom teacher, and an updated website. If at any time you need information that you can’t find, please don’t hesitate to contact us at school.

The Pennock teaching staff is a highly devoted group of individuals who collectively work to meet the needs of your child. We continually utilize and seek research-based best practices to better accommodate the various learning styles and the levels of academic achievement within our classrooms. Our curriculum is the Colorado State Model Content Standards, and we use the Brighton School District 27J’s texts and materials as a vehicle to accomplish these standards. We work hard within the classroom to maximize student engagement and make learning relevant to the lives of our learners.

Our school halls and classrooms are clean, safe, and orderly with clearly communicated expectations for student behavior. We regularly celebrate the academic and behavioral successes of all our students. We instill in our students a respect for talents, abilities, and the rights of self and others. We also strive to infuse a passion for learning, a sense of pride in quality work, and a high level of personal responsibility. At Pennock, kids are our work, but kids themselves bear the ultimate responsibility of learning.
I am both honored and thrilled to be part of this school community. Every day I get the opportunity to work alongside an exceptional group of teachers, support staff, and parents who are all passionate about “KIDS and their learning." I sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to share in this distinctive experience.