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Welcome to Credit Recovery!

  • Riverdale Ridge High School offers a Credit Recovery program for students who failed any core classes and/or Health and need to recover these credits in order to graduate.


    What is Credit Recovery?

    Credit Recovery is an online learning platform that allows students who have previously failed a core class (English, History, Math, Science, and Health) to recover their credit in a 6 week session. Credit Recovery courses are pass/fail and do not affect GPA, however, we still encourage students to do their very best. There are fees to Credit Recovery and these fees are not included in free and reduced/exempt fees.

    How is the program changing?

    I am now opening the Assessment Opportunity up to everyone! The Assessment Opportunity is a test the student will take instead of the full Credit Recovery course. If the student passes the test, they credit is fully recovered. If the student does not pass the test, he/she will need to take it as a full Credit Recovery course. This is an opportunity so your student will only get one chance to take it per course.

    I feel as though each student should be able to have this opportunity and I am hoping this helps our students recover their credits with less stress.

    What are the fees for Credit Recovery?

    The Assessment Opportunity is $65. If your student passes the assessment, the credit is fully recovered and no other fees are due. If your student does not pass the assessment, $60 is due and your student will automatically be enrolled into my next session to recover their credit in a full Credit Recovery course. If your student is in a Credit Recovery session and needs a continuation into the next session, your student needs to be 50% complete with their course and there is a $65 fee.

    As you might remember, before I was having students take the assessment and then pay $65 if they passed and $125 for the full course if they did not pass. I feel breaking it up this way is a little less piercing.

    What is the process to the Assessment Opportunity?

    Here is how your student/you should proceed:

    1. Student will come to room A106 to schedule a time to take his/her assessment. This SHOULD NOT be taken on the day of scheduling. Your student will receive an Assessment Opportunity form, a study guide, and a course verification form.
    2. The Assessment Opportunity form and $65 payment needs to be returned to Ms. Romero, finance secretary, BEFORE your student takes his/her assessment and the course needs to be verified with student’s counselor.z If we do not receive the payment before your student’s scheduled time, your student will not be able to take the assessment until payment is received.
    3. Once payment is received, your student will come in during his/her scheduled time to complete the test. Please remember that your student CAN use notes on the assessment as long as they are hand-written or in their Google docs (no cell phone notes). If your student DOES pass his/her assessment then the credit is fully recovered and no other fee is due for that particular credit! If your student needs to recover other credits, he/she can schedule to take another one at that time. The process then starts over.
    4. If your student DOES NOT pass his/her assessment, your student will receive a registration form and $60 is owed and your student will be automatically enrolled into my next session to recover the credit as a full Credit Recovery course. Your student will then have almost 6 weeks to recover said credit.
    5. DO NOT have your student take his/her assessment during an assessment window without being prepared for the possibility that he/she may need to enroll into the next session.

Registration Deadlines


    Registration Deadline - form and full payment must be turned in to the Finance Secretary.

    Session Deadline - is at 5:30pm! Plan accordingly!

    Contact Ms. Lee with any questions at or stop by room A106.



Meet the Credit Recovery Team!

Ms. Jennifer Lee



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Ms. Jennifer Lee

I am a mother of two children, a dog, and a cat. I like to read - To Kill a Mockingbird still my favorite, learn new things - like welding, go camping and be outdoors - there is nothing like sleeping in a tent under the stars, and listen to podcasts - particularly true crime. I have been running the Credit Recovery program at Riverdale Ridge High school since late 2019 school year and I absolutely love this position! I am happy every day to fly with my Raven family and wear blue on Fridays!